Domina Bastet visiting April 19-23

Youthful Sadist and Professional Dominatrix hailing from Portland, OR. I’m a curious cat who loves exploring mental and physical boundaries by way of torture, experimentation, and games. I like to take my time in sessions, for it is always ultimately about me and my amusement. By default, I have a zen-like demeanor and subs find it easy to let go with me. A natural experimenter, I enjoy a wide range of activities, but my talent lies in pain play. The tone of a session can range from serious, to emotional, to lighthearted and playful, depending on the energy exchange between myself and my sub. I’m only in LA for a short time, so take action. Be sure to review my website in full before contacting me for bookings. Keep your emails informative and to the point.

Domina Bastest

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