Mistress Phoenix Engracia visits 1/26-29

Most human interactions involve power exchange. You have experienced both sides of the coin. You have played multitudinous roles around endless people. We all have a deck of archetypes in our minds. You know in which instances you prefer control or wish to follow. But sometimes, someone completely overwhelms you…

As a natural leader with exceptional instincts, I’ve always had the self-assuredness of a Dominatrix. I’ve always felt more empowered than the average woman. My presence is simultaneously commanding and elegant. Men and women, young and elder, have been drawn to me by diverse motives. My physicality is equally strong & soft; my personality is both playful & intimidating; my ethnicity is ambiguous & complex. But my core is beyond binaries. I’m passionate about the complexity and connectedness of the human experience.

I am labyrinthine; a renaissance woman who aims to motivate your highest self. I particularly enjoy topping masochists, shy guys, and self-proclaimed “alpha males.” When you decide to submit to me, I invite you into a wilderness that is truly my own.

Mistress Phoenix Gracia

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