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Airbnb—For Dungeons, Whips and Sex Saws

Mistress Justine Cross | Los Angeles Dominatrix

“I even come here to have sex,” Cross says. “When you’re home, your stuff is there. There’s cat hair and you need to pay the bills. If I’m here, there’s less distractions.” Indeed, the clean-white aesthetic, milky leather couches, large windows flooding the room with natural light and the phrase “Yes Mistress” spelled out in round lightbulbs make it easy to take your mind off everyday life. The minimalistic approach—no trace here of what Cross calls “dungeon purple”—have helped Dungeon East become KinkBNB’s second most popular property, as has its size.

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“A few of my friends have shown their moms my dungeon, and [their moms] are like, ‘That’s so nice,’ Cross says. “That should be my tagline: ‘The dungeon you can show your mom.’”