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I am back from my Europe travels. This was literally the first vacation I have taken where I did not also work aside for some virtual dungeon maintenance in five years! I really needed it.

Mistress Natalie West and I started our European vacation in Krakow, Poland where our friends immediately kidnapped us and brought us to a cabin in the woods. It was idyllic as fuck – which turned out to be the theme for the rest of the vacation. There was a sauna and we baked inside while there was an unseasonably late May snow falling down on the incredibly picturesque surroundings. We stayed there for a couple of days, then hung out in the actual city of Krakow. It was our friend’s birthday and we partied until dawn – we officially broke Krakow, no one went to work the next day! Then it was off to Malta.

Doing downward dog on a paddleboard in Malta

Doing downward dog on a paddleboard in Malta

I found a local paddleboard company that took us to the south of the island. It was practically deserted and we were able to paddle, and swim around the cover. We even went through a sea cave! We stayed in a gorgeous, modern penthouse apartment with a roof top deck. Natalie led a couple of workouts there and we also enjoyed wine while over looking the city. Also, I collect The Little Prince in different languages from places I travel to but the Maltese edition is out of print – impress me by acquiring it for me. Then we were off to Greece!

Putting on my bathing suit to take a pic in Mykonos

Putting on my bathing suit to take a pic in Mykonos

Santorini is the notorious for the best sunsets in the world and it did not disappoint. We rented a car and drove all over the island, we went to the Red Sand beach, the Black Sand Beach, ancient cities and 360 viewpoints. Natalie surprised me with some time in Mykonos, famous for it’s all night beach dance parties and gay tourism. Oh and the ability to be naked on the beaches. Suckers.

From there we went to Athens, which was an 8 hour ferry ride. We got a private cabin and let’s just say I crossed something off my bucket list. Athens, was decidedly different than our island experience but we still enjoyed ourselves touring the Acropolis Museum with it’s modern glass floors that everyone else must have enjoyed looking up my skirt, and the Parthenon.

On our way home, we had a 24 hour layover in Stockholm which was unexpectedly cool and serene. We went to Fotograsfika which has an exhibit of Bettina Rheims’ work. I have never wanted to take my clothes off for another woman so badly. I have added her book to my wishlist. Her photographs were the perfect mix of sex, fetish, playful and arty. I’m in love!

I have posted and will post more photos on my instagram.

But now after being so well rested, I am ready to sink my claws into Los Angeles! Here’s what I have on dock this month alone:

I am back in Los Angeles after my vacation, accepting sessions 6/4-6/9; 6/13-17; 6/27-30.

Appearance on Sex Please June 8th midnight – will be posting on soundcloud

Appearance on Upright Citizens Brigade June 9th 10:30pm

I will be off again for PRIDE 6/10-6/12 – I am accepting cash drops ONLY during that weekend.

But I got roped into being at DAGGER – the BDSM tent at Dyke Day. I will be spanking from 2:30-3:30pm.

I will be in accepting sessions in Chicago 6/20-23 and doing doubles with Mistress Lynn Pops. Then I am off to accept sessions in NOLA 6/23-26 and also available to do doubles with Mistress Erin.

Check out my travel itinerary.

Here are your priorities for the month:

*I am getting a new couch – still need the $700 balance taken care of (The custom couch was $1700 total – thanks slave j and f for your generous contributions.)
*I want to order a new queen size bed and media table It’s Not Trash. Because it’s custom, I will be getting a custom quote for these items. They are built to last which is why I want them. Just think about how important you will be in my life if you buy the bed that you don’t get to ever use!

Looking forward to playing with you in Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans this month! Contribute anyway you can to keeping me happy 🙂