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Don't you love happy lesbians?

Don’t you love happy lesbians?

A message from Head Mistress Justine Cross:

Friday night was full of snapchats, drinks and dommes in latex bikinis, Saturday was Me in leather spanking fine booty, then Sunday . . .

I was devastated to wake up, hung over and happy, to learn of the massacre in Orlando.

I changed my plans and went to the Pride Parade all day, even though I was concerned about further issues and copycat crimes. It was unbearably hard this year to walk past the anti-gay protesters. But I was happy I went with my slave jack, also devastated by the events. At least he comforted me with the fact that there were far fewer protesters now than the last Pride he went to 10-15 years before. We took a lot of happy pictures and I’m thinking about joining next year either as a Fetish Unicorn in white latex and gasmask or as a dyke on bike wearing all leather. Later we found a new brunch place which had bottomless mimosas (My favorite!) with fresh squeezed OJ.

Monday was a painful zombie day for me. I typically do not share very personal information or feelings other than happiness or bitchiness, but I was (am) wrecked.

There’s so much to say about why this happened, what went wrong, but I’m trying hard to move beyond that now.

Here’s how you can help:

* Pulse Victims Fund

* Contribute directly to the http://www.thecenterorlando.org/

* Let’s go BDSM toy shopping! In a truly amazing effort,
Pleasure Chest will be donating 10% of sales for June 19th, nationwide! We can always use more toys and Polymorphe latex .

* Don’t have any funds? Be an good ally:
8 Ways Allies Can Show Up For the Queer Community After Orlando

* Cheer me up directly by purchasing something really fun off my wishlist. Or your favorite domme!

Thank you to the kind clients and renters who have offered words of comfort and understanding as I get back to business, it truly means a lot to me.