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Mistress Aleta Cai
Growing up on a cerebral diet of Korean vengeance and Japanese horror films, domination came naturally to Mistress Aleta Cai.

From a young age she always questioned why she loved performing makeovers on her boyfriends and forcing them to wear her clothes for her own amusement. In all relationships she loved being the one dictating the turn of events and alternating the control with nurture.

With a degree in Psychology and an intuitive, empathic and metaphysical penchant for addressing the darker, repressed side of human desires, she forges a strong connection based on your individual chemistry. What you have in the room with her is your own unique fantasy world- she has tapped into what you really want and need, things you may not even know yourself.

This sensual, mysterious and enigmatic Mistress has a sweet laugh and smile, but upon closer examination of her purposely soft-spoken and gentle demeanor, you’ll find sinister undertones. It’s what doesn’t quite meet the eye that’s most intriguing: this is complexity, this is the element of surprise.

She loves to wield unrelenting control over you with her sharp mind, charm, femininity and beauty. Ultimately, it is for your own good, and you will be addicted to her sadistic way of healing.

Mistress Aleta Cai
mistressaletacai AT gmail.com