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You cast your eyes upon Mistress Angel Novalia and Miss Freya Mars.

Suddenly, you feel a ceaseless pulse inside you. You attempt over and over to quiet your yearning, but the dull ache in your stomach only intensifies. In that moment you realize, from now until eternity, you cannot resist giving into your deepest fantasies, and these two women that embody them. You have found the intoxicant you are looking for. They awaken your senses and take you wholly and completely. You need them. You need to serve them. And you will give anything for a taste.

You cannot resist Angel’s penetrating blue eyes, her menacing laugh. Commandingly coquettish and naturally dominant, she lives to watch you squirm and is amused by your nervousness. Her skin is pure cream: you beg to taste her like a cat. Her ass is heavenly soft: you find life has become meaningful in its presence. Wouldn’t you love to know her?

Freya will transfix you with her gaze, her eyes dancing while she takes her time with you. Her tiny waist and firm, perky breasts will excite you at every turn. With calculated movements, Freya keeps you on your toes, keeps you guessing about her next moves. A wicked smile curls across her lips when she seduces your senses to overload. Wouldn’t you love to know her?

Freya and Angel are both forces to be reckoned with. They love to indulge in hedonistic pleasures, sensual and corporal domination, and heart throbbing fantasy play. Their greatest pleasure is experiencing each other as they taunt and torture you together. You will be amazed with the way they feed off of their combined energies, creating one-of-a-kind scenes that will linger in your memories for years.

Angel Novalia mistress.angel.novalia@gmail.com
Freya Mars thelaceserpent@gmail.com