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In todays world BDSM is still considered a taboo unfortunately and because of this sometimes kinksters aren’t able to fully experience all of our fantasies. Mistress Cross has created a facility with every amenity you can imagine at an affordable price and made it available to the public. We live in Georgia, the bible belt….BDSM is sadly frowned upon here and there is only one dungeon here which is a members only “gathering room”. Not the best scene for newcomers, or people wanting to explore with their partner/s. Dungeon East/West has brought an entirely new experience to the scene. We have never been able to rent a dungeon privately in GA or in our travels. There was always a large room with many people which may be discomforting for some. Not at Dungeon East and West! We searched Los Angeles dungeons online and saw many retable dungeons all of which were pretty pricy and really nothing to wow over. Then we saw a picture of the all white themed Dungeon East which peaked our interest. So we emailed our interest and within minutes received a message from Mistress Cross the owner. She was very very informative of what the dungeon had to offer as well as the simple pricing which was much cheaper than the other dungeons and included SO much more. She even had a list of Mistresses we could contact if we wanted to hire one. So we rented the dungeon for 2 hours and headed over. Upon arrival we were greeted by her slave Jack who was just the kindest most helpful person (Mistress Cross knows how to train a slave !!!) One thing my wife and i were worried about was cleanliness, and let be be the first to say i would not hesitate to eat off the floor it was so clean! Everything is thoroughly wiped with steridol (a surgical grade sterilizer that kills anything it touches) As for what was included with our rental…well maybe i should say what isn’t included . The dungeon is fully equipped with anything you can imagine from a bed, kitchen, and gorgeous bathroom to a st. Andrews cross, spanking horse, and electro play toys. It included tons of restraints and insertables as well as a cross dressing station and 5000lb hoists for suspension bondage. 2 hours went by so fast we had the best time ever. My wife and i have never had that much fun and felt so comfortable there doing it . Also you don’t have to worry about being too loud there so you can really get in the best possible head space in a scene. The white theme is so unique. There is no other dungeon like this one and its beautiful to say the least. The longest wall is covered with mirrors so you can enjoy you own scene while you watch it unfold. There is also a lobby area in the front of the space thats very relaxing with edison light bulbs everywhere in the facility all on dimmer switches. Also there is the famous YES MISTRESS light up sign that is the cherry on top. We played our two hours and headed out……….that wasn’t enough …….the day after next i called Mistress Cross again and reserved an overnight there and same day she was glad to let us book on short notice(i dont recommend you do this because its in high demand) We came back this time hiring one of her recommended mistresses and ill let you use your imagination from there 🙂 ….we got no sleep and had a 12 hour scene… Overall we highly recommend this facility over any others in Los Angeles and well probably the whole country. This is the best of the best and it won’t break the bank , what more could you ask for !!!!!!! PERFECT AND THEN SOME!!!!! THANK YOU MISTRESS CROSS AND SLAVE JACK … we will be back again and again and I’m sure you will too!

–Jakyl and Hyde Productions