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Head Mistress Justine Cross says:


“When you can consciously and consensually participate in your fantasies, it can bring you closer in connectivity. It’s important to not shame your partner for their fantasy, even if it isn’t something you want to participate in. And sometimes, it’s enough to just talk about them and never actualize them. If you decide to go forth and actualize a fantasy, be really clear with your partner about what turns you on about it, how you would like it to unfold and what you might need after. If it doesn’t work out exactly the way you wanted or expected it to, talk through it as a couple. But typically, exploring your fantasies with your partner just leads to wildly hot encounters that bring you even closer. For beginners, I always recommend this concise kink worksheet to get the conversation started.” ― Mistress Justine Cross, a professional dominatrix, dungeon owner and BDSM consultant based in Los Angeles

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Mistress Justine Cross is available for sessions with men, women and couples. She also teaches classes and consults on various media gigs in Los Angeles.