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BDSFemme – A Night for the Women to Explore Kink

Kink curious? Then come explore BDSM and kink with other Women in a gorgeous private dungeon, Dungeon East.

BDSFEMME was recently featured in Nylon! https://www.nylon.com/articles/live-l-word-life-la

The concept:

There will be several stations set up in the space run by professionals: 1) spanking, 2) bootblacking and 3) bondage. You are free to mingle and try the different stations for guaranteed safe play. There is also ample seating if you would rather just observe. You can also bring your own toys to play at the other stations available. We will circulate some basic bondage and BDSM toys. There are play party rules posted as well as guidelines how to properly clean equipment.

**CASH BAR** Please drink responsibly. Smoking outside only.

The space:

Dungeon East is the newest and hottest dungeon in LA. We have already been featured in Huffington Post, Urban Daddy and Playboy. Dungeon East is known for being an exclusively designed all white dungon and is home to the infamous “YES MISTRESS” sign. It has hosted other GLBTQ events in the community such as a biannual Queer Clothing Swap and Fresh Meat – a queer poc play party. It is located in DTLA, at the interserction of 15th and Alameda. There is free and easy street parking, but if you are drinking, we always recommend using Lyft/DD.


Meet the Players:

Mistress Justine Cross – Hostess

Mistress Justine Cross is the owner and HBIC of Dungeon East and Dungeon West, Los Angeles’s premier dungeon studios. Internationally known, Justine has been a professional and lifestyle Domme for nearly 10 years, seeing clients all over the world. She has appeared in Los Angeles Magazine and Playboy, and done various BDSM consulting gigs for print and video productions in Los Angeles. She is the high femme queer you may have met at the Eagle or the Pleasure Chest, where she has run the Spanking Station fundraiser for the past few years.


Switch Nili – Butch/Femme Spanking Station!

Nili is a switch queer leather girl who loves the power dynamics formed thru BDSM. Nili is a former pro-domme and has been active in the scene for many years. She loves to dole out pain for pleasure and also enjoys motorcycle riding, saving lives and extensive travel. Don’t be shy, come to Nili’s spanking station and find out how hot spanking can really be!

**NEW** Daddy Kim – Butch/Femme Spanking Station!
Kim is a Butch Leather Daddy with a seductively sadistic streak and a subtle but firm dominance. In her spare time, Kim likes to read Shakespeare and quote Keats. If you ask her nicely, she will spank you in iambic pentameter. Kim has extensive experience with spanking, flogging and all kinds of impact implements. Come get spanked or flogged by Kim and enjoy being taken care of by this sexy Daddy.

**NEW Red – Bootblack**

Red has been making her way in the San Diego BDSM community since 2013. She identifies as a poly, queer, femme submissive. Red is a member of the San Diego girls of Leather and is the current Vice President of the Southland Title Sisters. Red was San Diego Bootblack 2017 and went on to compete for International Ms. Bootblack 2018.


***Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable***

1. What should I wear?
Really, just typical going out wear for a cocktail party/bar – whatever makes you feel sexy and cool! Latex, leather, lingerie are also awesome! You can even be naked if you want 🙂

2. What should I expect?
To have fun! We are here to help you explore, answer questions and make sure you have a great time! It’s up to you to decide your involvement. It’s okay to play, it’s okay to watch, it’s okay to have sex, it’s okay to cuddle, it’s okay to talk. You do you!

3. Should I tip?/How much?
Tipping is always a nice gesture for a job well done. We recommend $5-20 depending on length of scene. Just think that it’s common to tip at least $20 for a lap dance 😉

4. Why is the address so hush hush?
Dungeon East is a private dungeon that is open 24/7 but by appointment only – we do not publish the address. It is only given to those with confirmed reservations to avoid any potential issues.

5. Who can come?
Cis- and trans- women 21+. No tickets will be sold at the door. There will be a door person checking people in.

6. What is the photo/video/recording policy?
Absolutely not allowed! We want to make sure that people feel comfortable to play and express themselves, which is why we have a very strict no photo policy.

7. Do I have to be gay/lesbian/queer/femme?
No. You just have to identify as a cis or transwoman.

8. I don’t identify always as a cis-/trans- woman/gender is complicated/I wanna play!
We TOTALLY understand but the intention for this party is for cis- and trans- women only. We happily host and recommend other play parties that DO include all genders such as Deviant, Fresh Meat and Obsidian. If none of these options work for you, please contact Mistress Justine Cross about hosting an event that you want to happen at either of her studios.

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