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There’s a recipe for most successful scenes. Add 1 consensual partner, 2 cups of Negotiation, 1 spoonful of each of your mutually agreed desires and then stir the items in the bowl until they are smooth and NEVER add extra ingredients once cooking. (Place your aftercare frosting in the refrigerator to cool for later.)

When we get turned on it’s easy to forget our own rules and manners. Stick to the agreed Appetizers, work up to the Main Course, and save the Dessert for next time. ​Learn how to cook Bold-Dutiful-Sexy-Memories: Successful Scenes, From Negotiation to Aftercare.

About Mistress Hudsy Hawn:

Known as the “Singing Dominatrix,” Hudsy Hawn is a Media Personality, Writer, BDSM Coach, Pro Domme and Performance Artist. With an employment resume that has ranged from Disneyland to the Dungeon, Hudsy’s journey from Vanilla to Kink accidentally began way back in 2005 and she’s never looked back.Miss Hawn has written features for Mens Health Magazine, KinkWeekly, Trans Mag and Medium.com and has appeared in Buzzfeed’s very popular “The Try Guys TRY BDSM,” Straight Talk with Ross Mathews, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Playboy.com, the E! Special “The Real 50 Shades of Grey,” A&E’s “Storage Wars”, the American Sex Podcast, SIRIUS XM’s The Jason Ellis Show, and Vivid Radio programs with Dr. Lovejoy and Sluts & Scholars.

Hudsy is currently coaching couples while booking her classes and performing her Musical Memoir show with her rock band at select venues. For more on Hudsy visit:


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