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Join Mistress Shane for an experiential playshop in Erotic Hypnosis. 

Erotic hypnosis is the practice of hypnosis for sexual purposes. This does not include hypnotherapy nor the therapeutic application of neurolinguistic programming and similar disciplines.[citation needed] Although often loosely referred to as “recreational hypnosis”, recreational hypnosis is a broader subject, including practices like stage hypnosis and hypnosis for the enjoyment of the practice itself. For some people hypnosis is inherently erotic[1], making it an example of a sexual fetish or paraphilia.

Reducing inhibitions and increasing arousal is a notable goal of erotic hypnosis. The placement of trigger words in the subject’s mind as post-hypnotic suggestion to produce actions and experiences on-demand is a common practice. Erotic hypnosis can also include suggestions intended to improve sexual health.[2] (Wiki)

A Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Hypnotist will answer all of your questions about erotic hypnosis and role play, and how it can be used to enhance your relationships, sex and play.  This class will be experiential so come with an open mind, and get ready to have fun. Partners are encouraged to attend together, and bring their creative ideas. Come get answers to your questions about hypnosis and specifically erotic hypnosis and meet others who are interested in exploring it within the context of BDSM.

Please join us if you are interested in learning how to deepen your relationships through this powerful imagination play, and have fun in a very chill, safe and sexy environment. 

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What you will learn:

What is Erotic Hypnosis is and what it isn’t

The Myths vs. Reality About Hypnosis 

Consent and Safety

Really fun ways to use it with your partner

Structure of the Erotic Hypnosis session

Answers to all of your burning questions

The chance to participate in or watch a demo

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