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Thank you everyone! I have decided to close Dungeon West. The last day for rentals will be 10/15. (Dungeon East will remain open.)

I can’t weather the global pandemic – rather this *is* me weathering the storm – so I have decided that this is the best decision for me and my business moving forward.


This space was originally created for me to use for in-person sessions as well as for others to use for personal and professional playtime, productions and parties.  With rentals at an all time low, it doesn’t make sense to keep the physical space open.

I can control many things, but I can’t control how people are still not taking COVID seriously, the unemployment rate in LA is 20%, travel is still down and despite my websites & social media clearly stating we are open – I *still* get people asking me if we are open.

I’m not really using the space either and have transitioned to online only, taking my classes & events to virtual too which is where I will stay for the rest of the year and beyond.

I know! We had THE BEST times here. Dungeon West has been in countless porn and mainstream productions, and internationally recognized. It was THE place to go to experience kink in Los Angeles. We’ve won awards and thrown amazing parties such as the afterparty for DomCon or Deviant – an all gender queer play party.  It has been my honor and pleasure to create a safe and fun space for you.

How to support us:

1. Please rent from us! You have 6 weeks. Many of you have been following us for years and haven’t been here. Now is your chance. Your LAST chance.

2. Please come to our Everything but the Domme Sale on 10/17-18 which will be posted on Eventbrite. We are NOT selling the St. Andrews Cross, bondage bed, spanking horse and canopy bed.  Everything else must go.

3. Please share that we are closing and having a sale to people you think would be interested.


With kink and care,

Mistress Justine Cross