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Join us for 2 Flogging Skills Classes this Sat 1/9 starting at 1pm PST with Mx. Shane

Tickets at Eventbrite. Visit LosAngelesBDSMevents.com


Learn the basics of flogging for BDSM play and develop your own personal style.

Flogging is a a type of impact play in the BDSM/kink scene which involves one partner using a flexible many-tailed striking tool on their partner for sensual enjoyment.

Flogging in the scene can be used for erotic punishment or reward, and range from sensual to sadistic. It’s also fairly easy to explore with a new partner, and can be used as a prelude to sex or other types of play.

This class will cover all the basics you will need to know to be able to give and receive a hot flogging scene with your partner for private and public enjoyment. As a top you will gain more knowledge and confidence, and as a bottom, you will learn how to position your body, as you enjoy the experience of giving up control.

We will discuss safe striking zones, techniques, style and flow, as well as sensory awareness, negotiation and aftercare. This class is a combination of practical instruction followed by practice, and an opportunity to share your skills.

Bring a flogger if you have one; if you are planning to buy one, we can provide resources.

No previous experience is required. All levels are welcome.


Go beyond the basics and learn Florentine Flogging, a two handed style for BDSM play.
About this Event

Florentine Flogging picks up where we left off, after learning the basic figure 8 pattern and safety for top and bottom. Let’s go deeper into flogging now that you have a “handle on it”, and introduce a next level concepts along with a second flogger. We’ll be learning more ways to connect with your partner through timing and intensity as you develop your style with this beautiful two-handed style of flogging.

In this experiential skills workshop we’ll cover:

Review safety for bottom and top
What is Florentine flogging
Brief review of single flogger techniques
How to do Florentine flogging (two floggers)
Using rhythm, intensity and the senses to enhance play

**It is not a requirement that you have attended the Flogging 101 workshop, but you should have basic knowledge of flogging with control as the focus of this class is Florentine flogging.
What to Bring

A set of matched floggers or two of similar enough weights and lengths. If you only have one, no need to worry, we’ll teach you a hack. Comfortable clothing to move in.


About the Presenter

Mx Shane is a queer lifestyle Domme and BDSM instructor with over 20 years in the BDSM/kink community. She leads workshops and offers private coaching along with her partner Mistress Justine Cross through LosAngelesBDSMevents.com. She has been co-host at BDSFemme and Deviant Party in Los Angeles.

**These classes will NOT be available for replay or recorded. You must attend live and be present in the Zoom room.


  1. Is this in person or virtual?

All classes will be online until further notice. We are planning until at least through Spring 2021.

  1. What platform will you be using?

Active demo style classes such as bondage or flogging will use Zoom. Lecture style classes will be thru Crowdcast. Both are free to join and easy to use.

  1. Do I have to turn my video on?

No, but we love to see you if we are using Zoom! We do ask that you put a name and some kind of pic on your profile bc it feels friendly. We understand not everyone is able to have cam on during class.

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