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Yes, I know November has *just* started but we only have a few more events at East since we do not have anything more on the calendar until next year!  In 2022 I am planning to host more of our regularly scheduled in person events, but don’t fret my faraway lovelies, I will continue offering virtual as well.

1. S&M Social Thursday 11/4 7-10pm at Dungeon East
If you have been dying to check out the space, THIS is your opportunity.  We pour some wine, have some cookies and just have a chill evening together.   There will be demos, there will be Dommes – please see event description for confirmed Dommes. Oh and there will be prizes every hour!  Anyone who books a rental that night will get 30% off – no need to know an exact date as the rental will be good for an entire year.

2. On Your Knees: Power in Submission Saturday 11/6 1-3pm at Dungeon East
This is my LAST class for the year and it’s in person, so lucky you!  Come find out what makes a great sub and find power in kneeling for your dominant.  This class is for those who: 1) Want to explore their submissive side
2) have a partner that is dominant and would like you to submit to them
3) Know you are submissive and want to deepen your understanding of D/s.

3. Can’t stand Meta/Facebook or Fetlife? Join us on Bloom
Want to see who’s going, match, chat, and meet the community? Check out S&M Social on the Bloom Community app: https://bl.ooo/m/smsocial21  Started up in the Bay right before the pandemic as a way for people to connect before events.  This is a kink, sex worker, poly positive app – FINALLY!  We are part of the Los Angeles launch with S&M Social as well as our other events.

4.  Calling all queers for our long awaited Queer Clothing Swap
My goodness gracious! Has it actually been 2 years since we got into each other pants?  Grab your generally excellent but just need a change of pace bag of clothes and come on down.  We are body positive environment that loves giving compliments and handing out donuts and drinking mimosas.  Please join us for the day and meet your new BFF.

I really hope to see you at one or more of these events as I will be out of town for most of December to go to Antarctica.  Yes, I am truly going to the 7th continent.

If events aren’t your cup of fetish tea at the moment, please consider booking your own private rental at Dungeon East (DTLAdungeon.com).  We are booking through the end of the year and yes, even into next year already!  Plan ahead for a special evening with your special person.  I’ve had a bunch of inquiries for specific dates lately that I wasn’t able to accommodate because they were last minute.

And then of course, there’s always booking directly with Me, Mistress Justine Cross.

With kink and care,
Mistress Justine Cross