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Here’s the roundup from Mistress Justine Cross of things she thinks you should do with your loved one or many – some are based in Los Angeles, but most can be done anywhere! 

I asked what she wanted. She got it.

1. Ask your/self/partner what you/they want to do and do it.I know.  This is an extremely wild idea.  I was going to wait to tell you this one when you were a little bit older, but I think you are ready now.  No surprises, we’ve just had far too many in the last couple of years.  I have talked to countless lovebirds who truly want to do something wonderful for their partner and it’s something like a surprise visit from the dungeon or Me.  Please do not do this.  It can be something fancy or something casual, just ASK. Is it hard to get the convo going?  Here’s your script: “Hey (insert pet name here) I was thinking about Valentines Day (and tho it’s a silly corporate holiday,) I’d like to do something special with you. What do you think?”  I even have a handy dandy sex negotiation worksheet if you like or a kink negotiation worksheet.  Whether it’s to get the party started or maybe to recalibrate or refine what you got going on, this is a great jumping off point.

Bruises from giving blood are cool!

2. Donate blood

It’s red, it’s warm, it’s sticky and it’s in such short supply that LA closed it’s trauma center.  You look really cool when you donate blood and you get free cookies. And then you have a perfect new excuse to *not* go out later since you really want to stay home in sweatpants and watch season 2 of Euphoria. (Shameless plug since I am in it).  Yes, it still seriously sucks that if you are a man who sleeps with other men and admit it, they will throw your blood out because the FDA is in some retro homophobic HIV time warp, but I’m pretty sure you have lied before for a bad reason, so lie for a good reason if this applies to you. Find out where to donate here. (PS if you know what show from the 90s that inspired this suggestion, hmu for a prize!)

Dungeon East in DTLA is the best place for overnights.

3. Book a dungeon

Shameless plug for MY dungeon in DTLA, Dungeon East. Sure maybe you’ve been here for the amazing classes and parties, but have you ever treated yourself to some alone time in the space with a friend or kinky playmate? Or seriously just by yourself.  We have a ton of toys and maybe you just need a place to scream.  You could also book a sexy/kinky shoot. Use your self timer or ask for a photographer recommendation.  Our insta is full of lovely people who have shot here recently.

All of my favorite things: bondage, Honey Birdette, Louboutins and your drool on the screen.

4. Book a dominatrix

I used to work at a commercial dungeon and people would call and ask who’s available.  I wanted my name to be “The Only Mistress Available” but they wouldn’t let me call myself that which is just one of the many reasons to not like a place like that.  Have. You. Seen. Me. Lately.  I am hot AF, extremely knowledgeable of my craft and also quite funny.  See me do all of these things in Try Guys Sex Trivia (1 Million views and climbing!) and then book me here for a solo session, a couples session or I can just help you get your life together ffs.

All classes and events are available on Eventbrite: LosAngelesBDSMevents.com

5. Take a BDSM class

While you can find all my live classes that are happening virtually or in person on Eventbrite, I highly recommend the following as well: Tara Indiana, Midori, Luna Matatas, Andre Shakti, Blue, Jaki Griot, Marla Renee Stewart, Ana Blue, Sunny Megatron, and Wiley Wolfe.  They offer classes virtually or in person and all do private sessions as well. Go forth and learn.

Holy Trinity

6. Watch a sexy or fetishy movie

Everyone is always asking for my recommendations so here ya go:

50 Shades Darker – it was actually pretty good.  I saw it in the theater with Funny or Die and they paid me to electrocute a guy with the Erostek everytime something happened that I didn’t like.

9 1/2 weeks – pretty classic and just super hotBound – it was partially shot in Dungeon West and is really funny.  I don’t think it’s meant to be but Charisma Carpenter is super hot and awesome.

S&M Sally – if you are a lesbian/poly/kinky/butch/femme – it playfully makes fun of all these stereotypes in the best way

Basic Instinct – again, I’m just here for the lesbian scene

The Night Porter – this movie is really dark and fucked up but I love it

Swept Away – when a rich woman and her proletarian ship’s captain get shipwrecked, the power dynamic between the two suddenly changes.

The Pillow Book – artistic asian perversion ftw

Preaching to the Perverted – another BDSM cult classic with lesbian icon

Holy Trinity – When Trinity (writer/director/star Molly Hewitt), an independent, sex-positive Dominatrix in Chicago, discovers a newfound (and drug-induced) talent for speaking to the dead, she consults a colorful series of spiritual advisers as she learns to harness her strange ability in surprising ways.  I saw it at Outfest and it was so spot on I felt like it was a movie about my friends.

7. Read erotica

Anne Rice (may she rest in power) has a pretty sick and twisted series called the Sleeping Beauty trilogy.  You can also find a lot of variety for free over on literotica.  https://literotica.com/  You can also pay me to write smut for you.  Do you know that I was accepted into a prestigious Creative Writing program and am a published poet? But then I decided to pick the Way More Serious major of Literature and now I’m a sex worker.  That’s life, kids.
8. Explore with some new toysWhoops! I was supposed to have a bunch of new toy reviews up by now on my youtube channel but life, ya know.  Anyway if you ARE going to be purchasing anything new, it’s always best if you can do it by purchasing the new in the box or gently used items in the Kinky Little Corner Store at Dungeon East OR online with my affiliates here.  Really its a good practice to ALWAYS buy something thru someone’s affiliate links.  Just put on socials, “I want to buy [this rad product] does anyone have an affiliate code for it?”  This is a little way to help someone, yay!

9. Go to a virtual strip club or burlesque show

Cybersinferno 2/14 7-10pm pst  Get tix on Eventbrite

Astor Wilde’s Introverts Club Lets Stay 6pm pst/ 9pm EST in 2/14 Get tix here

10.  Go to a soundbath

My partner, the amazingly talented and beautiful Jordan Wolan, will be doing a special Vday soundbath on 2/14 8-9pm.  It is online and by donation. All are welcome to join!

Get tix here: Sound.eventbrite.com

So what are you going to do first?