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Happy 420!  While we cannot smoke in the dungeon, we put together some amazing things that you CAN do today:

1. Check out Justine’s Insta Story

First of all, put @thejustinecross on your favorites list on Insta so that you can actually SEE me.  I am so shadowbanned which is a damn shame that over 50k of my followers cannot see me!  I have posted a bunch of bad ass GLBTQ+, poc and women who are all about the cannabis and you should know about!  I also made a reel.  I am supposed to be doing one reel a day for 30 days which means . . . I’m not.

2.   Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Journeys with Jordan

Did you know that my lovely partner Jordan is not just a pretty face but she’s also a Psychedelic Guide working with this legal and very accessible plant medicine? Have you been wanting to explore psychedelics in a fun and safe way without all the purging and lengthy time commitment?

She’s booking now for individuals and small groups of 3-5 people for Conscious Cannabis Journeys. Whether you’re experienced with weed or psychedelics or a newbie, she’ll help you create a very safe and sacred container where you can dive deep into this truly unique and transformative experience for inner exploration, creative problem solving, somatic healing and celebration.

Learn more about it here or send an email to jordanwolancht@gmail.com.

You could be that cool friend who gets to host a mini retreat in your living room or backyard!

3. TONIGHT – DECADENCE: A Black + Queer 420 Celebration Centering the 5 Senses

Cuties Los Angeles, Honey Love Connections, and Sex Positive Los Angeles (SPLA) are truly proud to bring you DECADENCE. A black + queer 420 celebration centering the 5 senses! This evening is exclusively for our Black queer & trans family.

Get tix here

4.  TONIGHT – Jolene 

Trans inclusive lineup of dancers in a monthly celebration of the other woman.

Twitter: @the_otherwomxn

Cover is $10 @ door

5.  Join my Onlyfans for FREE

Here’s a free link. Then tip me in denominations of $4.20, $42 and $420.  I am very generous to those who are generous to Me.

6. Dungeon East is available for an overnight tonight

But even if you miss it tonight because you were stoned, we have lots of other availability.  To book, just phone or email: 323-739-4562 or ladestudios@gmail.com