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This Saturday, Sept 17th from 1-3pm in person at Dungeon East
Are you a submissive who wants to experience deep sub space- but feel unsure about how to get there? Are you a Dominant that wants to get your subs to completely give themselves over to you? Then, this is the class for you! There are many ways to enjoy a scene, and some carry more risk than others. As a submissive, you can learn how to tell a safe, competent Dominant from a potentially dangerous partner. As a Dominant, you can assure your submissive that you can keep them safe so they can truly give themselves over to your mutual desires.
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Had a blast at Arrivals + BDSFemme takeover of 910 Weho!
Speaking of impact play, holy moly did I have a wonderful time on Saturday!  Check my IG here for full post.  Thank you to all the beautiful women who allowed me the honor of paddling them – impact play is healing and hot!
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Justine’s Schedule this Week
I will be in Napa with Jordan and Jack for some much needed R&R, wine and falcons. No, I was not able to get reservations for French Laundry and I’m quite salty about it, but we are going to so many wonderful restaurants and wineries.  This is so needed and I will be mostly unplugged so if you need some sweet sweet Justine content, I highly recommend binging on my cheerleader clips.
Upcoming Classes and Events
9/21  BDSM for Beginners with Justine Cross – Dungeon East – 7 pm-9 pm
9/22  S&M Social – Dungeon East – 7 pm – 10 pm
9/24  BDSM for Beginners with Justine Cross – Virtual Class – 1 pm-3pm