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Take It From The Nurse: Medical Play

Designed and led by an experienced registered nurse, this class will introduce you to medical implement skills and role play for a hair-raisingly hot and harrowing medical scene. Get detailed instructions in how to set and play through your scene including implements, procedures, props and costuming. We’ll also cover deliciously taboo activities like genit*rture and enema play, as well as basic practices for body fluid disposal, so you can make your next (or first!) medical exam scene as “realistic,” safe and hot as possible. There is no virtual or recorded option of this class available.  You can access my past recorded classes here on Gumroad.

Never Escape Nurse Ratched’s Ward

Welcome to my ward! I’m Nurse Ratched. I’m glad we will have so much time to get to know each other . . . because you will never escape. Unless you expire.
Succumb to My Nurse Ratched clips:
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Check out The Observation Room at 910 Weho to complete your training

On October 28th, 1964, something terrible happened at the St. Andrews Hospital for Wayward Souls, causing the asylum to shutter its doors. It has since sat abandoned… until now.

With the assistance of a mysterious historian’s time-traveling device, you have been given the opportunity to go back to that fateful night as a ghost to uncover what happened, and why.

the experience

Enter through a back alley in the heart of West Hollywood, CA, and prepare for an open-world erotic theatrical production unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Participate in storylines, witness and potentially play a part in BDSM scenes of varying intensity levels, or explore the asylum and follow characters to discover tantalizing (or horrifying) secrets.

Although every guest will experience enough to understand the overall story and leave satisfied, it will be nearly impossible to discover everything. Curiosity, investigation, and participation will be rewarded, and we encourage guests to compare experiences after the show for the fullest possible takeaway.
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