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It’s kinda hard to shoot glamorous content in extreme conditions but my gf said I looked cute, so here ya go. This is Me camping in Antarctica in the snow in a bevi sack. I will be doing an IG Live Tuesday 7:30pm pst to talk about my trip and other PG related items so I hope you tune in here.

Winter Class and Event Schedule

12/11  Sunday Soundbath at the Dungeon with Jordan at Dungeon East from 6pm -7:30pm

We are winding down for the year but will be posting 2023 schedule soon, in the meantime, please visit our friends 910 WeHo.

Missed a class? Catch up on all my recorded classes on Gumroad.

Justine’s Schedule this Week:

Tuesday – day or evening
Wednesday – day
Thursday – day
Friday – day or evening
Saturday – BDSFemme!
Online interactions here: losangelesdominatrix.com/virtual-sessions
In person bookings here: losangelesdominatrix.com/booking

Dungeon East Availability 11/15-20

Wednesday – day
Thursday – day or evening
Friday – day
Saturday – day
Sunday – day or evening