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Baffling to me how I have completely changed so many of your lives for the better and I have yet to receive a holiday gift from you.  Clearly, you need even more guidance in gift giving this year so I have worked my sparkly manicure to the bone and compiled this thoughtful list.  You’re welcome.

Festive Freebies
Perhaps you have had a hard year and cannot compensate me as you wish, no matter.  There are PLENTY of free gifts you can give me:
Join my free Onlyfans
Follow me for free on Loyalfans 
Engage with me on socials! – like, RT, comment – it really helps–
Stocking Stuffers
Maybe you have a little more to spare! So here are some suggestions of gifts under $20 you can stuff in my stocking:
Rose Water Spray (don’t tell skin care tiktok)
Buddha Teas – any chakra
I AM WORTH IT.  I know, I know. You can’t really put a price tag on how much I changed your life for the better, but pick at least one thing in your price range and write me a nice note.

With Kink and Care,

Mistress Justine Cross