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1. Meet Me!
Have you already met me? Then you already know I am SPECTACULAR and can skip down to reason #2 but not before you text someone else right now, “Hey you really gotta meet Justine. She’s spectacular.” If you haven’t met me yet, here is your opportunity!  Most of the events I host are private or specific to women/GLBTQ+ and here is a relaxed but sexy environment.  Maybe you want to network, shoot with me, have a brief chat about a future session or get in a mini session right now.
2. Get 30% off rentals.
This is absolutely the biggest discount you will get all year.  Pre pay for your rental time now and you have a year to use it.  If you know your dates now, you can book it now.
3. See Dungeon East
I started this event almost 10 years ago with Dungeon West as an “Open House and Domme Meet & Greet” because I would frequently get asked to give tours.  I do not give tours anymore unless you are a production who is scouting.  I thought, “Oh hey, I should have an open house like real people do.  This would ALSO be a great opportunity for dommes to meet clients and vice versa.”
4. Meet Other Dommes
Do you know that this city is crawling with people who would love to crawl to meet these amazing dommes and professionals? Here is your chance to meet them and see that they are real and not get catfished, unless it’s your thing, and then you can network, shoot with them, discuss a session or do a mini session.
5. Mini sessions
Perhaps your budget or time only allows for a mini session.  I am offering mini sessions of $100/20m of my time – book ahead, I expect my dance card to be full. Perhaps you would like to just have my undivided attention, massage my feet, have some cage time, be humiliated, put in my Spanish A-frame.  Definitely take a moment to fill out my booking form here to ensure compatibility.
6. Connect with other kinky folks
Maybe you will meet new friends there or just set up a bunch of random fetlife/tinder/hinge/feeld/bloom/tiktok/insta/snapchat/tumblr dates there. This is how you know that they are vaxxed and meeting in a public place.
7. Voyeur
Not quite ready for a full on play party yet? We got you.  Get comfy in the space, enjoy a cocktail or mocktail from our celebrity bartender JP and watch others play and do some demos.
8. Go out in a relatively COVID safe space
I know we are all tired of it but reality is that it’s still happening.  We continue to be a space that will check your vax cards and will not shame you for still wearing a mask.
9. Win free shit!
You can also roll the dice and wait to see if you will win the one hour, two hour and overnight rentals that will be picked every hour on the hour.  Also BDSM toys!
10. The next one will be in the Fall
And we always sell out our events so, if you still need convincing, just know that we typically just host this twice a year and the next one is in the Fall.  Go reread reasons 1-9.

Winter Class and Event Schedule

1/18  BDSM for Beginners with Justine Cross (HYBRID CLASS) – 910 Weho – 7pm-9pm
1/21  Intro to Flogging: Technique & Style with Jordan – Dungeon East – 1pm-3pm
1/21  Deviant – All gender queer play party – Dungeon East – 8pm-1am – SOLD OUT
1/22  Sunday Soundbath at the Dungeon with Jordan at Dungeon East from 6pm-7:30pm
1/26  S&M Social at Dungeon East from 7pm-10pm
Justine’s Schedule this Week 1/17-1/123
Tuesday – off
Wednesday – BDSM 101 @ 910 Weho
Thursday – day
Friday – day or night
Saturday – Deviant
Sunday – OFF
Monday – day
In person bookings here: losangelesdominatrix.com/booking/
Dungeon East Availability  1/17-1/123
Tuesday – night
Wednesday – day
Thursday – day
Monday – day or night

With Kink and Care,

Mistress Justine Cross