323-739-4562 | Open 24/7 by Appointment Only | LADEstudios@gmail.com

About the Space

Owned and operated by Los Angeles dominatrix, Mistress Justine Cross, Dungeon East is a modern, spacious, upscale dungeon performance art space. It is a 1400 sq. ft. open floor plan studio divided into three areas: lobby/waiting area, play area and domestic setting with kitchenette and full bathroom.

Rentals are always exclusive–you will have the entire space to yourself with and inclusive of all the BDSM furniture, toys, cleaning supplies, towels, etc.

Waiting Area

• Modern design with black sofa and geometric rug
• Kinky little corner store with products for sale
• Clothing rack

Custom BDSM Furniture and Equipment

• Bondage Bed/Cage
• Saint Andrews Cross
• Spanking Horse
• Hand Crank Winch
• Prison Stockade
• Stand-up Jail Cage
• Bell cage


• Queen sized, 4 poster canopy bed
• Lighted vanity mirror (adjustable lighting, 34″)
• White leather bar chairs
• White leather couches


• open shower room
• clean towels
• toiletries
• hair dryer
• First Aid supplies


• full refrigerator
• microwave
• bottled water
• Keurig stocked with tea, coffee, creamers and sweetener


All toys and equipment are organized for your convenience and stored in our wardrobes around the Play Area. Some items are not listed here; if you’re wondering about a specific item, please ask. Cleaning instructions are posted throughout the space.

• Wris​t trap​s – stee​l hand​cuffs
• leather suspension cuffs
wrist cuffs (for suspension)
• padded leather cuffs (ankle and wrist)
• leather bondage mitts
• rope (nylon blend; various lengths and colors)
Black leather arm binder
• metal handcuffs

Sensory Deprivation:
• leather hoods
spandex hood
padded leather blindfolds
Mistress Heather Leather blindfold
• latex gasmask
• gasmask with hose
• earplugs

• Vanq​uishe​r Sili​cone Whip by Sex and Meta​l
• Sept​a Whip by Sex and Meta​l
• single tails
• floggers
• quirts
• tawse
• cat o’ nine tails
black wooden paddle
black leather fraternity paddle
• knotted bamboo canes
• metal canes
rattan cane
• acrylic canes
• police baton
• rulers
riding crop
• buggy whips

• Conq​ueror
• Chro​me Trip​le Ring
• Cock Ring Harn​ess
• various weights
• various small whips and crops

Sensation Play:
• wooden clothespins
• metal binder clips
• plastic clips
Japanese clover clamps

Kink lab Neon Wand kit
Attachments for Neon Wand:
Power Tripper
–body contact wand attachment
–body contact attachments: rolling drum, Wartenberg wheel, garland flogger, ball chain flogger, metal fingernails
–electrodes: mushroom, rake, comb, ball tip probe

• wigs (blonde, brunette and redhead)
• panties
• stockings
• make-up
• bras
• nighties
• shoes
• stockings

Puppy Play:
• leashes
• collars
• dog bowl
• puppy cage
• rubber bone

• CB-6000
• metal locks and keys
• serialized plastic locks

Whitehead Ratchet Mouth Gag
ball gags
silicone bit gag
• ball gag
• small cock gag

• Wrestling mats – by permission only


Media and Ambiance

• WiFi

• Bluetooth stereo system 
• Dimmable lighting

Cleaning Supply Stations**

• Steridol wipes
• alcohol spray bottle
• antibacterial handsoap
• antibacterial dishsoap
• antibacterial spray cleaner
• antibacterial Febreze®